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Asking for Help

| September 15, 2020

Pride is a great thing....until it isn't.  Sometimes the pride that got us to where we are, stops us from growing in to more.  It eats away at our time, it can eat away at our fears, it can make us paranoid, it certainly can take away from our opportunities.  In short, it can keep us stuck to where we are.  Even if the place where you are isn't a bad place, you can feel complacency, aimlessness, anger, helpless and, typically, stubbornness because you dig your heels in even more. 

We have all fallen in to the trap of foolish pride.  Too proud to admit a mistake or admit we can't do something without help.  I've wasted countless hours trying to figure something out for myself when all I had to do was ask for help from someone who already knew (or read the directions the first time).  Along the way becoming frustrated, angry and downright pissed off.  For what?  Very simple....I am sometimes too foolish to simply ask for help or admit my mistake. 

Sometimes we even turn down the offer of help from someone and rob that person of the satisfaction of being part of something.  Something that might give them some pride and energy, heck, maybe even saving us time and making it more fun along the way.  I am sitting here shaking my head of how many times I've done this one.   

So ask yourself, what are some things you need help with?  What are some things you do now that take away from your energy?  What are some things you need to give to someone else because they are just better at it?  What are some things that you enjoy doing but just need to ask someone to help you so you can continue to enjoy it?  Who are some people that have offered to help and we’ve turned it down?  

So what are we waiting for? Maybe the better question is what are we afraid of?  To admit we’re a flawed human being in need of someone or something to help us along the way?  Do we hold on to those things for 'status' or  'power' or 'fear'?

I ask Jesus Christ for help every day.  I ask Him for wisdom, for understanding, for health of my friends and family, for patience.  I ask Him to help me be the best I can be.  In turn, He has blessed me with His grace and has given me people in my life that have helped me with all of those things.  I thank Him and all those people who He has put in my life that have helped me along the way. 

Just writing this blog makes me realize how much further I have to go.  How much foolish pride I have.  How much help I turn down or don't ask for because I don't want to be a burden or bother. 

I hope I can recognize when that foolish pride is getting in the way....easier said than done, I guess you could say I can be stubborn.