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Meeting Information

Prior to your Meeting

You will receive and email reminder 24 hours prior to our meeting as well as 2 hours prior to our meeting. You may also receive messages via text regarding our meeting. These may be reminders of the meeting itself, items to bring with, or items we may need prior to the meeting.

What We Do

Our goal is to help our clients make educated decisions about their money by working with you to navigate through life's financial journey. Creating strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals. 

Please bring the following documents to our meeting

  • Investment Account Statements, including retirement and 401(k) statements
  • Insurance policy information
  • Employee benefits information
  • Document relating to debts you may owe, such as loans or mortgages
  • Income and cash flow information, such as recent pay stubs and income tax returns
  • Any other financial documents you would like to be seen or have questions on

In our planning meeting you can expect:

In our planning meeting you can expect:

  • Answer financial questions you may have about your plan or accounts
  • Updates on your financial situation. Income changes, new major purchases, or anything life throws at you that many affect your financial plan
  • A review of your accounts and any changes you would like to make
  • Plan review or financial planning session where we will go through a retirement or investment plan built for you.

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