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Building Wealth Series

Educating yourself and your children about money can be an important way to live a well balanced life.  I've been using this resource since 2005 to help teach people about core money lessons.  While it's not a comprehensive plan, it is certainly a great way to understand some principals of money.  This curriculum was designed and is produced by the Dallas Federal Reserve.  Learn more at their website by clicking here 

In this FREE resource you will learn about:

  • Setting financial goals
  • Budgeting
  • Saving and investing
  • Building credit and managing debt
  • Protecting wealth with basic insurance

I have also created some videos to walk you through each lesson.  All are less than 20 minutes and length.  Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel


Building Wealth – 1 – Learning the Language 

Building Wealth – 2- Budgeting to Save - 

Building Wealth – 3- Saving and Investing - 

Building Wealth – 4- Building Credit and Controlling Debt- 

Building Wealth – 5 – Protecting Your Wealth - 


More resources at the Dallas Federal Reserve Website