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Congratulations Dad!

| June 20, 2019

Respecting your elders and respecting your mother and father is an important value to have.  It grounds us and allows us to listen and gain wisdom from their life experiences.  It humbles us and helps us appreciate all they do.  

My father recently retired from the Cannon Falls School District after about 30 years in the maintenance department.  For about 20 of those years he worked nights from 3:00 to 11:30 cleaning classrooms.  At 6:00, when the town whistle went off, we kids had to be sure we were home for supper to see Dad and we ate as a family. Nearly every night we had supper together and nearly every morning he made sure he was up to see us off to school.  As we entered high school and had events he would come watch and work late to make sure he got his job done.  Once all of his kids graduated, he finally got on the day shift.  While on the day shift his job changed a bit and he was able to interact with more staff and the kids at the school.  Some of those kids happened to be his grandkids and he was able to see them grow almost daily.        

When I hear the Montgomery Gentry song, "Something to be proud of" I always think of my Dad.  I think of how he always provided for his family, how he was loyal and worked hard for his employer and how he raised us to be truthful and respectful.  Although, I know I haven't always bee a good son and I haven't always been respectful to my parents and, to this day, I still can take them for granted.  I also know I've always been proud of them.  Proud of how they raised their family, proud of how good they are to other people and proud of the integrity they have.  Proud to be their son.  

So congratulations to my Dad for retiring this month.  I thank you for all your years of having a servant attitude and for all of the great wisdom you've given your children.  I look forward to many more years of learning from you.

"And if all you ever really do is the best you can.  Well, you did it man." 

Enjoy the day!