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Do your kids play ball in the house?

| October 10, 2018

Being in Minnesota we understand what it feels like to be confined indoors for long periods of time.  What many of us adults forget is the unending energy we had as kids and the need to burn it off.  The world has changed a lot in the last 30 years; shortened recess and gym time, helicopter parenting and huge technological advances have taken away some of the ability for kids to just be kids.  What our kids need is to wear off some energy in a healthy way.  So I am proposing all parents allow their kids to play ball in the house.  Yep, I said it.  In fact, I am even going as far as proposing that parents and grandparents play ball with them in the house.  

Some of the best memories I have are playing ball with my brother in my parents house...goal line football, nerf basketball, hockey with a tennis ball and kicking field goals into the drapes were all things we played in the living room.  We'd make the games up as we went and had a blast doing it.  No coaches or parents planning, watching, judging, commenting, cheering, screaming or officiating. There was creativity, competition, arguments, laughs, amazing plays, terrible plays, injuries and tears.  My dad would sometimes play catch with the two of us.  Sitting in his recliner while we ran routes or we all just sat in a chair and played a game of catch.  

Now I know all that is running through your head are the things that will break and ,yes, there are things that will get broke.  I want to bring up a few things that I've had to remind my wife of from time to time.  1) we don't live in a museum, we live in a home 2) the things are replaceable, the memories last forever 3) it's fun 4) it's better than video games.  If you have something in your house that belongs in a museum I would recommend finding a secure place to store it before you start.

Now that it's dark pretty early, playing ball in the living room is a great after supper activity, it's so great that my kids will beg to play ball in the living room and forget all about video games and hand held devices.  Make sure it's a soft ball and when you throw, miss low if you can so it hits the floor.  After a while it becomes a skill and you won't break as much.  We've gone the last month without knocking anything off the wall which is definitely a record for us. (knock on wood)

Stuff is just stuff, memories of playing ball and 'rough housing' last forever.  Take some time to get on the floor with your kids or grandkids and play some ball or wrestle.  You'll smile and they'll have the time of their life.