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Good and Bad - Blog

| January 12, 2024

Good and Bad

As human beings we typically evaluate how we did as either good or bad.  It was a good day because…it was a bad year because…. and we sometimes look at our performance and experiences as very black and white.  Even if we had some good things happen to us on a given day or year but didn’t reach our goal or something went a bit haywire we might even say, ‘it was a bad day’.  But the truth is there is always some good and bad mixed in with every day, week, month and year.  It will never be black and white. 

So as we enter in to 2024 take inventory or your life, your relationships and everything that goes in to those things.  Take time to evaluate the things you want to change and you can control…determine what you need to do personally to change those things and get to work because nobody else can do it for you.  If you need help (which most everyone does) find some people or things you can rely on as resources to help you get there. 

Conversely, take time to evaluate the things you cannot change or those things you cannot control.  Don’t let those things give you the perception that things are bad.  Certainly, don’t personalize the things that are out of our control and allow those things to determine how you feel about yourself.  Let it go.

As investors we can easily tie market performance to those good/bad things.  2023 was great…markets were up.  2022 was bad…markets were down.  Don’t fall in to that trap.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM , it is my job to help focus on the things we can control.  We can control portfolio allocation, matching risk tolerance to time horizon and creating a plan to help you make good financial decisions REGARDLESS of market performance.  We can control how much we spend, how much we save and the daily financial decisions that have to be made.  We can control the values, morals and principles we hold dear.  We are not the performance of the things out of our control.  Good or bad.    

There is something to learn from everything that happens to us in this life, both good and bad.  The more we glean from those things, the more wisdom we accumulate over time.  We’ve all had things happen to us we thought were bad at the time, which ended up being great.  At the end of every day we should take the good with us to the next day and learn from the bad to get better moving forward. 

Cheer's to a good and bad 2024!