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Just Ok is Not Ok

| September 26, 2023

I mentioned the mental minutes we use before practices last year in one of my blogs.  The 'just ok is not ok' mental minute is one of my favorite ones. 

Many of you probably remember those AT&T commercials ‘Just OK is not OK’.  I always chuckle at them….regardless of how many times I have seen them.  For those who haven’t or need a reminder click on this YouTube link:

 As I watch this commercial I can’t help but doing some self reflection and think of the way we are viewed through the lens of other people.  Specifically the ones who rely on us and look up to us.  How do we do better than just ok? 

Well there’s an endless list but here five things I know I need to get better at towards my wife and kids;

  1. Focus on what they are saying.  If they are talking turn the tv off or put the phone down.  I need to get better at this one for sure.
  2. Be approachable and avoid constantly inserting my opinion.  We all have our own minds and thoughts on how things should be done.  Are they really asking for a solution or do they just want me to listen and be there for support?     
  3. Be present.  There will always be something to do and there will be a time to do those things.  But those things can wait.  Be present when you're in the presence of those you love.  
  4. Practice what you preach.  
  5. Get better every day.  Do some things to reform habits and strive to get better at these things.

Nervous?  Yeah, me too.