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Keep Bouncing

| January 15, 2019

Believe it or not the title of this article does not reference the stock market.  Although it certainly does describe the markets recent ups and downs.  The title is more about a life mantra than anything.  About getting up when life knocks you down, about taking some calculated risk and having a heckuva good time.

We all know the bad news in the world.  The glass half empty part of us dwells on all of those negative things happening to us or others.  It's not fun, it doesn't make us smile and sometimes it puts us in a spiral we struggle to get out of.

When those negative thoughts creep in our head, I feel there is a side in all of us that we should tap in to and allow to overcome.  A side who wants to enjoy life, to live for today and to share time with those important to them.  You know... a lot like a grandma jumping on a trampoline with her grandkids.  

Any time someone gets on a trampoline there is risk.  When someone over 60 does it...there's more risk.  There has to be some deep thought about whether or not it's worth the risk, about how high to jump without incurring an injury and all of those things.