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Let's Be Better

| August 19, 2020

Just 12 short months ago we were talking about getting back to school and ramping up for fall sports.  What a difference a year makes!

We can only control what we can control.  Since I don't want to get political, I will get spiritual.  Temptation is all around us...every day.  Temptation to bear false witness through social media (slamming someone from behind a computer screen is easy...I know because I have done it), temptation to choose to do the wrong thing...just because it's easier, temptation to make a decision that hurts someone...sometimes even someone we love, temptation to exploit someone for our benefit.  The list goes on and on and on.  We all screw up and nobody is perfect.  The question is are we trying to learn from our mistakes and get better?

Contrary to what some believe there are many good people in this world; who share the same core values, who are not part of our same friend pool, the same socio-economic status, the same virtual or in person school and mask 'beliefs' (are these really things now?) or the same political party.  People who have the same core values but view the world a bit differently than we do.  This viewpoint is formed by how their life experience has been.  Right, wrong or indifferent, this viewpoint does not make them a bad person.  It just makes them a bit different than we think they should be.  Again, we are all sinners and nobody is perfect.  Agreeing to disagree in a RESPECTFUL way is ok.  Let's get better at this.  

In the end, we should take care of each other.  We have to stop just saying we are good people and show it by our actions...not by our actions when it's convenient and easy, but by our actions when it's inconvenient and difficult.  Taking care of each other is a two way street...we can't expect someone to take care of us without doing our best to take care of them when we have a chance to also.  We will never get it exactly right but if we take care of each other and our children, I believe, everything will be ok.  Let's get better at this too.

We can do this together with a little help.  It won't be easy but nothing worth having ever is.  One of my favorite chapters is 1 John 3.  Maybe you would enjoy.