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Make a Wish

| June 01, 2021

If this past year has taught us anything I hope it has taught us to live in the present, not take things for granted and appreciate the company of the ones we love.

Early in the COVID pandemic I looked at the clock and it was 11:11.  In the past I have heard people talk about making a wish when all of the same numbers come up on a digital clock.  I sat there and thought about what I would wish for.  The answer was easy....eternal life. 

The good news for us is, through the grace of Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him, that gift has already been given.  It's up to us if we want to accept Him with our whole heart and receive it.  As I contemplated what I should do with that wish I decided I would use that one minute to grow my relationship with Jesus.  I wouldn't just use the 11:11 time to remind me of His presence.  I would use 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 times too.

So there's 16 minutes during the day that I might happen to look at the clock and take a moment step back and connect.  My goal is to stop everything I am doing and open my devotional or Bible but that doesn't always happen.  I might say The Lord's Prayer, a quick prayer or thank you, just a quick hello, or just a glance at His picture I have on the wall. 

I can tell you over the past year I have 'happened' to look at the clock at one of those times very often.  There have been days when I look at the clock three times and it 'happened' to be 1:11, 2:22 and 4:44 or something similar. 

This probably sounds silly to some of you and there are others who are reading this and nodding their heads in agreement.  Whether you are at 0 or 10 on the Jesus spectrum I can promise you if you open our eyes you will see His presence in your life. 

Nearly 10 years ago I was having a conversation with my high school baseball coach Dennis Flom about his relationship with Jesus and how he prays.  He told me that Jesus talks to him in a way that he understands.  Usually with wit, sarcasm and some humor.  If you know Denny you would agree that's his language.  Whenever I am struggling to understand something I ask Jesus to talk to me in a way I can understand...I explain to Him that I do not take subtle hints and to be direct and to the point with me.  Usually I say that prayer when I am in my truck, driving alone talking to Jesus ike He is riding shotgun.  He has answered those prayers many times, I haven't always liked the answer but I can understand the answer.

I am writing this because maybe there is something you are struggling to understand, maybe you feel stuck in the mud or maybe you are just looking for a way to deepen your relationship with Christ.  The point I am trying to get to is find your way to pray, open your heart and mind to the idea He is talking to you in a way you can understand, be willing to listen and then you two can take it from there.