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October 2021 - Pre-Retirement Anxiety

| October 01, 2021

You've worked hard for many years....maybe even a couple of more than you wanted to.  You've done a good job saving....putting as much aside as you could afford at the time.  It's almost time to make the 'transition' in to retirement (whatever that means).  Now what?  

Retirement is something that's probably been in the back of your mind since you started working 35+ years ago.  There are many questions that come up as you get closer to that date.  What if I didn't save enough?  When should I take my Social Security?  How do I pay for health care?  What am I going to do with my time?  Can I pay my bills without my income?  Taxes....what about taxes?  How do I get money from my 401k/IRA?  What account should I take money from first?  What pension option should I choose?  Do I need to work another year or two?    

In working with many retirees over the last 20 years, I can assure you all of these feelings are normal and most every person who has retired has had some of the same questions.  The tricky part is that not every persons situation is the same.  We all have different concerns, savings, spending, hobbies and retirement dreams.  Retirement planning is not a 'one size fit's all' approach. 

When talking about retirement our goal is to keep it simple and clear.  We want to discuss your concerns and find ways to address those concerns.  We also want to examine any risks to the plan and put strategies together to help manage those risks.  

You retire once.  We've helped many people through this process and helped get answers to their questions.  We enjoy those conversations and love helping people make good decisions about their retirement.  If you or someone you know have some pre-retirement anxiety please reach out and we'll do our best to help.

Enjoy the day!