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The Journey

| February 16, 2018

We all have our own definition of success, our own personal and family circumstances, our own challenges to overcome and our own successes to celebrate.  The culmination of all of those things becomes our story, our journey....our life. 

A simple fact about life is that is it hard.  It is hard in different ways and different reasons for everyone.  It's hard when you're young and trying to find your niche. It's hard when your at that awkward stage of puberty. It's hard when you lose friends for the many variety of ways we lose friends. It's hard when you move out on your own.  It's hard when you have a young family and limited funds.  It's hard when your kids grow and you see them going through some of the same hardships.  It's hard when you retire and have to find your new identity.  It's hard at the end of life when your health declines and you lose independence.  

There is no 'easy' way, no magic pill.  As my shop teacher Mr. Matasich used to say, "it's gonna take a lot of elbow grease" (hard work).     

Over the last 18 years I have had an opportunity to meet with a lot of people.  Those people have shared many personal and confidential things when we have met.  Their money, their fears, their successes, their joy and their sorrows, to name a few.  Some have had difficult things happen to them but I have learned something from all of them.  Here are my top five lessons that have helped with my life journey.

5)  Live in the moment

4)  It's not always about the money

3)  Being Bitter only hurts me

2)  Fear isn't a motivator - it's a prison

1)  Self education is the best education

Bonus - Serving others gives people purpose