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The Only thing Constant is Change

The Only thing Constant is Change

| July 05, 2016

Things in this world are changing, we can all recite things that we remember ‘back in the day’ as being better than they are today.  Change has always been around.  We’ve changed Presidents 44 times, our society has changed in many different ways, technology has advanced, horses were replaced by trains and cars, cars will soon drive themselves and it goes on.  But, I feel, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

The things that don’t seem to be changing in our house are laundry to wash, dishes to do, a garage to pick up or a kid to run to some activity.  Our kids are growing, we’re getting older, there’s a crisis, there’s a war and politicians are… well no need for name calling.  We have distractions of technology, work and 10 billion other things that cause us to let other things fall through the cracks.  We are always trying to juggle 20 balls in the air and the stuff that really needs to get done takes a back seat. 

Being intentional about the things that are important to us and trying to cut through all the other stuff is hard because we seem to take our eye off the ball.

So let’s keep our eye on the ball.   Let’s control the things we can control and be intentional about the things that are important to us.  Let’s put down the phone and be better at being present in the moment.  Let’s manage our time and schedule to keep a balance between work, family, faith and the future.  Let’s set limits on the things that add little value to our lives and spend more time on the things that add much value.  Let’s try to be a better spouse, parent, child.  Let’s improve ourselves at work.  Let’s grow our faith.  Let’s be the best we can at the many other important roles we all have  This is not easy, but it all starts with listing those five things that are important to us and intentionally spending time to get better at those things every day.  It’s hard work, but nothing in life worth having comes easy.