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| December 01, 2022

Friday morning, after the Bombers last football game of the year, I let my daughter sleep in. The game was in Hastings and we didn’t get back until 9:30…. well past her bed time. I let her take her time getting ready instead of rushing and said I would drive her to school. This means getting my two-year-old ready and in the truck as well, it takes time. On the way I told Millie we were going to pick up some yard signs for a school board candidate.  We took our time, picked up a few on the way to the school. My goal was to be in my office before 8:00 after dropping our youngest back home. I stopped at a couple more places along the way to pick up some more yard signs. By this time, I’m getting into a rush to make it in before a phone call but I wanted to stop for quick coffee, only needed one more stamp to get a free cup 😉. I parked my truck and start rushing to the coffee shop. All of these things are so abnormal for a Friday, well except the coffee stop. My daughter rides the bus 98.5% of the time. I make coffee at home 98.5% of the time, I don’t pick up yard signs for a friend.

That day was different. I am half jogging to get coffee like I planned. As I approach a familiar face gets out of her car and said her car will not start.  I smiled and say I’ll be right back.

As I am walking back to my truck the only thing I can think about is time is a funny thing. If all of those things don’t happen on an abnormal Friday morning, I’m not there to help this person.  Now of course, someone else would have stopped to help but I got to. I got to put a smile on her face and in turn mine, hopefully for the rest of the day. It was an awesome start to my day, not a good start to hers, but a great end to the start.

Everyday we rush. Rush to get out of the house, get the kids to the bus, get breakfast, get to work. Rush. Rush. Rush. The next time you sit behind someone going 54 in a 55 or the person in the self-checkout had 16 instead of 15 items, your child forgets their gloves and you have to go back, whatever it might be….. pause. Time is funny. You might be surprised what you find.