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Understanding Social Security

| May 30, 2023

In being a financial planner for 20+ years I have helped many people navigate their retirement planning.  It seems in recent years more and more of our conversation revolves around Social Security.  Not just for retirees but also for divorcee’s, surviving spouses and their dependents. 

Understanding social security is crucial for individuals to navigate their financial future. Not only does it serve as a safety net, helping to prevent poverty and maintain a basic standard of living, it can also be used as a tool to help reach financial freedom.

By helping our clients understand social security, we help them make informed decisions about their retirement planning. 

Below are three resources I have that can help you make those informed decisions.  One is a video I put together a couple of years ago that explains some Social Security information.  The second is an informational packet we have available here in the office for anyone who would like one.  Third is a link to the Social Security website.  I highly recommend you create a log in to that site so you can access your information to help in your retirement planning.