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| May 15, 2018

When I was younger I never considered myself much of a reader.  In fact, I don't recall reading much at all in high school.  As I entered college, I read the textbooks required to pass the classes but not much more.  It wasn't until I entered the financial planning profession that I began to read and educate myself in something I truly enjoyed learning about.  

Now I consider myself a reader.  I read a lot of things, from industry articles to a variety of books to Sports Illustrated and I'm also pecking away at completing the Bible cover to cover.  I've learned that self education is the best education and reading a variety of things keeps your mind sharp and also helps foster conversation with many different people. 

Probably the biggest benefit we can receive from reading and talking to others is gathering the wisdom from those willing to share it.  One of the articles I recently read is titled "24 Rules for Success" written by a legendary banker.  No doubt there is a lot of wisdom in the points.  I even found wisdom in what wasn't listed, there is no mention of money, power or possessions anywhere in the article.  Once again enforcing to me that it's the relationships we have and the people we surround ourselves with that make up a big part of our happiness and 'success'.    

Enjoy the read and have a wonderful day!

Keith Meyers

Source  May 1, 2018, 'Legendary Investment Banker Richard Jenrette Left These 24 Rules for Success' ;